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On January 5, 2012, I read a free ebook by Michael Perkins titled "Starting Over: A Manifesto On Being Yourself". He challenged us to, well, be ourselves. (Get your copy here.)

The next morning (January 6, 2012) I read the blog post, "You Don't Need A Plan To Change Your Life" by Jeff Goins. After reading Starting Over... the day before, something Jeff said stood out to me: I have no idea what I'm doing...I just show up every day and share what's on my heart.

I've been blogging at Be Real since May 2010. I love what I do there and feel the information I share is important to creating healthier people...and families. But I feel just a bit stifled because it's a "business" blog. I try to keep to the main theme of health and some of the elements that relate to it and don't share too much of a personal nature, but there is so much more I want to share.

And I want to be myself. (Which is part of being real, I suppose.)

That includes sharing inspirational quotes, stories of my family, videos that touch my heart, personal pictures and more that don't necessarily relate to health.

So I've started Nostalgic Tour.

Nostalgic tour is a phrase my brother and I used to describe the "sight-seeing" trips our dad used to take us on.

My parents liked to move, so every few months to couple of years we lived in a new house or a new city. When we traveled back to a former city he had to drive by the houses we lived in (to see what they looked like) and the places we used to shop and go to school or church. Somewhere around our late teen years my brother called this a nostalgic tour.

I'm going to create a bit of my own nostalgic tour with this blog. I'll blog about some of my past, but also what is going on now. The things that are currently happening will one day be nostalgic to me and I will be able to share, in writing, my own nostalgic tour...maybe to grandchildren. (And they can roll their eyes just like I used to!)

I will also share links to other sites I find interesting or helpful, books I like and more. We'll see where it goes as I progress.

If you read Nostalgic Tour and love it, please subscribe. If it's not your thing, thank you for passing through.

But I want to be like Jeff and just show up and write what's on my heart. And I want to do it for me, not for a particular audience or because there's a formula to follow.

Just pure me.

About Kathy

I'm nostalgic by nature. I love the things of the past: music, movies, fashion, decor, books and more. I love the 1940s but often long for the late 70s and early 80s. I loved my teen years. Even with lots of moving I made some amazing friends and had happy experiences. I may be rare in that I'd live my high school years over again in a minute. What a blast!

I was married on June 15, 1985. Our daughter was born March 2, 1989 and our son was born September 24, 1993. They're wacky children (I keep telling them it skips a generation, but they don't believe me) but they are amazing and bring laughter every day.

I love that I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for 23 years, although I hate that term. Everybody knows what that means, but I prefer to think of myself as a domestic artist. (Or at least a home manager.)

Now I'm the Office Manager and Personal Assistant at Crossfire Church in Cedar Springs. I've been there since June 2012, and I love it!

I love coffee, Dove dark chocolate, my homemade omelets (especially in the summer with produce from the farmers market), nutrition and health, family history and the color pink!

My happy places are Downtown Holland, The Holland Farmers Market, Starbucks and Stein Mart.

I'm addicted to my iPod, iPad, iPhone, Twitter and Facebook.

I had a miscarriage, fought with depression (and won), I contend with keeping my hormones in balance, I battle weight issues, have had serious marital problems (and we're conquering!), walked through the divorce of a very close family member, and suffered the death of one of my best friends in all of life in September 2010. Through it all, God has been more than faithful! His mercies are new every morning!

Really, I could ramble more about me but why bore you? If you must know more, you can read here.

Also find me on About.Me.


  1. Love this nostalgic tour...love that term...we do that as well...drive by old houses/schools and such remembering the times we had and the things we did :)

    I also love you and your rambles!

  2. Hi Kathy. It will be nice to get to know this side of you.
    I share your love of Dove Dark Chocolate and coffee! I have also told many people that I was born in the wrong generation, I love history and stories of the 40's and WWII fascinate me. I love the music from the 70's but am not too hip on the music from the 80's though some of it is good.

    I really like your term, domestic artist. I think I'll use that to describe me. I too don't like the terms stay at home mom or home maker, even though I think they are great callings from God. While I understand many people need to work to support their families, I think some choose to work and the Christian home can sometimes suffer.

  3. Thanks for reading, Kathy. Keep being yourself. It's a gift to the world (and to yourself).

  4. Michael and Jeff, thank you SO much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate you both SO much!

    BFF, thank you for loving my rambles. I do plenty of it!

    TC, sounds like we have a lot in common!


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